Faces for the Names Mühldorf Concentration Camp: the videos

March 19 – 21, Mühldorf concentration camp

Where 9,000 slaved – half to their deaths

The victims: brought back by Faces for the Names

We will never forget. Never. Not a single victim.

March 19, Mühldorf Concentration Camp

Projection of victims’ photos and works of art on the crumbling remains of a gigantic armaments factory.

March 20, Mühldorf Concentration Camp

March to the place where thousands slaved to death and were buried. Reading of their names. Commemorative music by young harpists.

March 21, Haberkasten Mühldorf

Commemoration by the young: videos, raps, poems, posters and much  more created by high school students to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust.

March 21, Haberkasten Mühldorf

Mit ökumenischem Friedensgebet.

Information: Terry Swartzberg shalom@j-e-w-s.org (+49-170) 473 3572

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